> Safari Rally 2007

504 Front Suspension
504 Coupe Waiting for its V6
Fresh from paint shop
Now regular colour scheme
Safari Preparation
Rear Suspension
Rear Suspension
Rear beam Modification
Rear beam reinforcement
Twin Fuel Pumps
Rear Quarter
Fuel Tank
Cartek Battery Isolator
Engine Bay awaiting V6
Chassis Rail Mod
V6 in place
Engine installed
Sump guard
Engine Bay
Rear Diff Guard
Proflex Rear Canisters
Rack 1
Rack 2
Rack 3
Sponsors Dream
Gogi's Office
Uwe's Office
Gogi & Dave
Taking Shape
Front Proflex
Cartek Cut Out
Sticker Time
Pre Start at White Sands Hotel
Liveried Up
The Famous Tusks
Pre Start Mombasa
Gogi & Uve at work
The Team
Service Safari Style
Emergency Service
Second Strut Change
Driving Conditions
Masai spectator
The road to Amboseli