> Safari Escort

Masked ready for paint
Escort Ready for Painting
Escort rear turrets
Escort Rear Axle
Escort Jumbo Proflex
Escort Rear Proflex
Ford Gearbox
Straight Cut Internals
Hydraulic Clutch Actuator
Straight Cut Inards
Lay Gear
Cluster Ready for ReFit
Marked Layshaft
Hydraulic Clutch in situ
Safari Box Ready to Go
Rear Quarter
Oil & Fuel Tanks
Fuel Pumps
Engine Bay
Wraps Come Off
Pedal Box
Proflex & Rear Brakes
Atlas Axle in place
Andy Tearle helps with assembly
Engine awaiting installation
World Cup Cross Member
Power Plant
Power Plant Installed
Dry Sump Oil Pump
Remote oil Filter
Worms eye View of Dry Sump
Engine Detail
Problem Area
Getting Closer
New Exhaust system
Andy at work on the Escort
Rear Brakes
Underneath You Could Eat Your Dinner Off
Exhaust In Place
Anti Roll Bar Mount
Anti Roll Bar Link
Put Away for The Night
Discs & Bells
Discs & Bells
New Hub
New AP Discs & Calipers
Gogi at work on the Escort
Final Set Up