> London Capetown Rally Coupe Preparation

Rear Screen Out
Engine Bay
504 Engine
2 Litre Engine Ready for Stripdown
Off Side Strut Top Mount
LHD Pedal Box Location
Wing Separation
O/S/F Top mount
Past History
Engine Parts
Cylinder Head
Co Driver Binacle Out
Dash Change
Wiring Nightmare
LHD Dash
504 LHD Pedal Box
Extinguisher's old location
Master Cylinders
Twin Coils
Hydraulic Handbrake
Standard rear cross member
StrengthenedCross Member
Engine No Location
Corbeau GT Recliners
Tank Refitted
Single Head Light Version
Diff Guard Captives
Torque Tube
Track Control Arm
Diff mountings
Diff Guard
James gets his head down
James Battles the Seats
Upper Mounts in Place
Cleaning Threads
Front Suspension
New Bearing Fitted
Brake Caliper & Spacer
Beam Mount Kit
Rebuilt Near Side Corner
Top of New Piston
Piston Detail
Primed Ready for Paint
PUB Block Minus Liners
New Look Paint Job
Control Stalks