> KCB 2013

Booking in
Putting the graphics on the Subaru
Prep on the Escort
Engine Health Check
Andy Working
Rally Car Insurance
Easing Access
Multiple Subaru's
R4 Livery
Rack Change
Locally Made Exhaust Rubbers
Our 2013 Number
Resetting Ride Height
Subaru Graphics
R4 Subaru Rear Sub Frame
Nandi & Masaai
First Aid Kit Inspection
Overall Check
Raj at Scrutiny
Chief Scrutineer Talks to the Media
Signing On
Parc Ferme
Nairobi Parc Ferme
Service Pick Up
Bare Bones
Office Erection
Our Service Bays
Kajiado Service Area
Waiting Time
Kajiado First Service
Media Attention
Drew Describing the Handling
Clive & Drew
Subaru Service
Tapio Takes a Look
Escort TLC
Keeping the Kids Happy
Local Entertainment
The Escort at the Finish
Spectators Take a Look
Aslam Khan
Podium for Gogi & Jasniel
Escort Rear Hub Assys
Atlas Axle Hub
Taper Roller Bearings
Std & Atlas Discs